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We offer professional hand-gouged and shaped oboe cane, professional oboe reeds, and some of the very best clarinet reeds of all, Peter Leuthner Reeds. Quality and stability in commercial oboe cane is often difficult to find. Many companies work in the mindset of "mass production," whereas we do every step by hand. The cane is measured continuously throughout the entire process. Prepping cane requires extensive detailed observation. We reject a very large amount of cane that doesn't meet our standards of quality. Our customers can choose from two gouging machines: A Robin Driscoll Opus 1 or a John Ferrillo. The gouge and straightness are the most important aspects to making an up-to-pitch, sealed reed. If the sides of your reed do not close, it is most likely a problem with your cane selection and/or gouge. We set our gouging machines to give measurements of .60 mm in the center and .48 mm on the sides. A variance of .13 mm is the maximum difference that should occur between the sides and center. More than this will cause instability.

We also sell a hand drawn reed chart explaining every detail of how to make professional reeds. This chart can be especially useful for oboists who are seeking to master their reed making skills. We also have an easy to follow oboe playing checks and adjustment chart for doing your own repairs.

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