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Peter Leuthner PL class ® French Cut professional Clarinet Reeds

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PL class ® French Cut professional Clarinet Reeds (box of 10)
Strengths L, M, S, S+ (Light, Medium, Strong, Very Strong) thick blanks.


These reeds are distinguished by their soft, full and clear sound in all registers and their excellent playability and response.

The carefully crafted reed tip area ensures superb tonal quality and excellent response.

This reed combines the French style of response with the Viennese tonal tradition.

If you are tired of searching through two boxes of reeds to find one reed that is good enough for a concert, then you should try these. This is one of the few truly professional quality clarinet reeds we have found. We were pleased to find so many concert-ready reeds in just one box.

Strengths are as follows:

2.5 (formerly L)
3 (formerly M)
3.5 (formerly S)
4 (formerly S+)

Price: $41.50

-Daniel Cotter




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